19 September 2017
  Tabriz Dental Hospital

Dr. Lak Dental Hospital Phone No: +98 41 33 35 59 65-9 

Ext: 1315 and 1313

Email address: tabriz-denthosp@tbzmed.ac.ir


The Dental Hospital of Faculty of Dentistry, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, was inaugurated in 2007 and began its activities in June 2008.

The hospital provides dental devices for patients with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, allergy to dental injections, Parkinson's disease, ataxia, gag reflex, Down's syndrome, autism, any debilitating, syndrome, anxiety disorders, and to uncooperative children and to children with rampant caries.


The Services Provided

The services provided by the hospital under general anesthesia include extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth, root canal therapy, restorative procedures, surgical extraction of impacted teeth, treatment of periodontal diseases and periodontal surgeries.



Left. Before dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Right. After treatment under general anesthesia.


Preoperative Counseling    

Before rendering dental treatments under general anesthesia, counseling is carried out with specialists in cardiovascular, cerebrospinal, hematology, internal medicine, biochemistry, radiology and anesthetic fields.



The patients and their guardians receive the necessary instructions before and after surgical operations.


Hospital Equipment

The hospital has two operating rooms with the necessary anesthetic and dental treatment equipment.

The hospital also has 20 hospital beds and each hospital room is equipped with one bed or two beds along with telephone lines, study lights and buzzers to call for nurses. The beds are electrical and the patients can be given different positions.