19 July 2018
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Dental Materials Research Center

The center is equipped with various laboratory equipment and tools and is ready to offer counseling, cooperate in carrying out research protocols, undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation protocols and support new ideas and innovations by students and young researchers from all over the country. All the necessary equipment and tools are available for carrying out dissertation protocols and in vitro research plans in restorative dentistry, pedodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, etc.


The CNC-MET Sectioning Device

The device can accommodate different kinds of burs and cutting disks to section tooth structures and study samples; it can be operated by a computer to prepare sections at specific thicknesses up to less than one millimeter and it has been designed and manufactured by local specialists. It is also possible to mount the laser irradiation standardization equipment and preparation device for study samples on it with the use of different dental handpieces.

Hounsfield Testing Equipment; Model: H5K-S

The equipment is a universal and standard tool to carry out different bond strength and loading tools at adjustable strain rates and crosshead speeds through computer software programs.


Thermocycling Equipment

The equipment is used to apply thermal stresses to study samples. The temperatures of the reservoirs, the duration of thermal cycles and immersion intervals can be adjusted by computer programs.


Nikon SMZ1000/SMZ800 Stereomicroscope

The microscope has a magnification of up to ×100 and can be used in microleakage studies, evaluation and counting of cracks and surface irregularities of tooth samples, determination of fracture modes after band strength tests and different loading protocols. In addition, it can be used to measure specific distances and intervals on study samples with the use of graduated plates. The microscope can also be used to photograph study samples.



It is used to store samples at body temperature range.



There are three mini-units in the center along with different kinds of high-speed and low-speed handpieces and laboratory hanging motors for different laboratory applications.


Laboratory Model Trimmer

The center is equipped with a laboratory model trimmer.