19 July 2018
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Head of the Faculty of Dentistry Educational Development Office: Dr. Ahmad Behroozian


Educational Development Office (EDO) is considered the bedrock of education in each educational system and is responsible for the promotion of the quality of education. The responsibilities and duties of EDO consist of the following:


A) Supervision for the implementation of educational processes of the groups

1. Evaluation of activities of educational groups, including classes, intra-group education such as journal clubs, case reports etc) based on EDO checklists

2. Providing the groups with feedbacks on the quality and quantity of educational processes

3. Supervision for how the students are assessed, including the proportionality of the assessment method, educational aims and the validity and reliability of tests

4. Supervision for internal assessment of educational groups


B) Cooperation in the evaluation of academic staff members

1. Evaluation of the quality and quantity of educational activities and providing the professors with feedback

2. Encouraging the students to take part in the assessment of professors

3. Informing the professors about the evaluation process

4. Analysis of the results of assessing the professors and reviewing the results qualitatively and by interview

5. Provision and reviewing of evaluation forms of professors for informing the academic staff members at the Faculty website

6. Participation in the sessions of educational groups and analysis of evaluation results and presentation of techniques to eliminate weak points


C) Counseling on the implementation of research plans in the field of education

1. Validation of research plans

2. Publication of articles in journals on medical education

3. Presentation of educational processes in educational festivals (Shahid Motahhary etc)


D) Participation in programming for education

1. Supervision for the presentation of lesson plans at the beginning of each term in educational groups

2. Completing the uncompiled lesson plans and loading them on the Faculty website


E) Cooperation in promoting the capabilities of the academic staff members in the field of education

1. Estimating the needs of the academic staff members in the field of education and reflecting them to EDC

2. Introducing the academic staff members to participate in EDC educational workshops

3. Preparation of educational pamphlets and presenting them to the academic staff members