19 July 2018
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The Library of Tabriz Faculty of Dentistry provides the dental students and academic staff members of the Faculty with the latest references with the following aims:

  1. Contribution to the development and advancement of knowledge
  2. Contribution to the curricula of the dental field in different areas at a high level
  3. Contribution to research at the highest specialty level possible
  4. Contribution to research programs carried out by educational staff at the highest level possible
  5. Keeping up-to-date with scientific advances
  6. Collecting and archiving the latest editions of textbooks and journals in the field of dentistry


The Building and Facilities

The Library of Tabriz Faculty of Dentistry occupies a total of 432 square meters, with 250 square meters dedicated to the study saloon.

The library has a server, 10 computers, one scanner, CD and DVD writers and two printers.


Library System and Organization

The library has an open system and it is possible to have easy access to textbooks and journal archives. The library uses the NML classification system.